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Yuugiou Roleplay!

Where YGO comes to life...

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I DECLARE THIS COMMUNITY OFFICIALLY CLOSED...but it'll be here for those who want to remember rps and shiz.


Welcome duelists to yuugiou_rp, a community created by sk_chan strictly for fans of Yuugiou/Yu-Gi-Oh!. Feel free to join in as a character (no made-ups, please), just check the list of taken characters first. This RP has all of the elements you can think of. For example, there's angst, random actions, love, and spiked drinks.


1. PLEASE BE LITERATE...but it doesn't mean you need to always post long multi-paragraphs. It's nice to once in a while, though...but most of the times, post para...in complete sentences without *'s. Especially on when you first create a board. Also...USE LJ-CUTS FOR LONG POSTS. They're available for a reason.


3. NO SPAM! It's evil...if you shall SPAM, I shall BAN.

4. One character per person.

5. In this RP, Yamis and Hikaris are seperate users. For example, one user may claim Yami while the other claims Yuugi Motou.

6. If you can, please address the characters in "Japanese form". For example, don't say Joey. Say Jonouchi. If you don't know the character's Japanese name, scroll down to the character's names. If you still don't know after that, ask me...because I know.

7. If your character is not active for a month (without telling us what's going on), I'm going to put that character up for grabs. ESPECIALLY if it's a main character! No buts about it. It's annoying to have characters that are taken but don't rp...

8. There may be sex scenes in this RP...so don't be surprised. I don't care if your character has sex with another character...just make sure it's ok with the other person.

9. BE KIND AND HAVE FUN...or else.

How to take a character...

Trolls have invaded the RP, so I've got to have Modded Membership. Sorry guys.

1. E-mail me at freezingspork@hotmail.com stating what character you'd like to claim. Make sure the character isn't taken yet (scroll down for taken chars). It MUST be a YGO char...and NO ORIGINAL CHARACTERS. Be sure to use the following format:

Subject: I'd like to claim (character)

Message: (Should include your LJ username, your e-mail address, your nickname ((if you have one)), and an example of your RPing with your desired character. Make sure it's in para.)

2. Become a member. This is only if I give the ok.

3. Create our character journal for your character. Make sure to have an icon that matches your character.

4. Post in the RP with your character journal. This is so I can add you to the list. You should also get to know the other RPers.

5. Go and RP! Really...it's that easy.

Anyways, here's the list of taken YGO characters:

Taken Characters:

Kaiba Seto/Seto Kaiba - seto__duelist [...myself.]

Bakura no Yami/Yami Bakura - thiefkingbakura

Ishtar Malik/Marik Ishtar - ryu_no_yami

Varon/Varon - varon_tachi

Ishtar Isis/Ishizu Ishtar - dragon_miko

Malik no Yami/Yami Marik - ubermensch_sama

Jonouchi Katsuya/Joey Wheeler - __scapegoat

Motou Yuugi/Yugi Moto - yugi_motou

Characters Available Include - *Yami no Yuugi/Yami Yugi, *Mazaki Anzu, *Mokuba, *Kujaku Mai, *Bakura Ryou, *Otogi Ryuuji, *Pegasus, Honda/Tristan, Shizuka Kawai, Noa, Rishid/Odion, Haga/Weevil, Ryuuzaki/Rex, Rebecca, Gozaburo, Ryouta/Mako, Shadi/Shaadi, Keith, Esper Roba/Espa Roba, Dartz, Amelda, Raphael, Vivian, and any Ancient Egyptian characters.

Starred characters are greatly needed and may have more major parts in the RP..

BnY made this, btw. Thanks!
Ok, so it's not REALLY up-to-date, but...IT'S STILL CLOSE! ><;

Now...go and RP!!!